Shooting In The Dark

Suprisingly . . it's hard to believe that a person who is blind could take a quality nature photographs, but Alison Bartlett, 51, has proven that it can be done! The New Milton, England. Alison, a former horse riding instructor, begin to lost her sight in 1979 because of diabetes and went on completely in 1992. But she retain her passion for photography and wildlife and continue her hobby by honing in on the sounds around her.

" I learned to listen for sounds of birds and animals," she says. Now her hearing is so acute she can hear squirrels eating nuts.
" I could hear the bird's wings flapping I have two squirrel in the garden and I've given them names and can hear them eating and arguing each other." Alison, regularly goes out into the local countryside with fellow photographer Jenny Gilleland who helps her.
She said: " Jenny tells me where the animals are and says thing like 'birds at two o'clock' - she will give me approximate distance and I simply aim, focus and shoot!

Of course others have to tells her whether the picture are any good and it hurts that she's unable to see them. But the pleasure it gives other is reward enough and Alison is delighted that she taken enough to hold a small exhibition. " If it encourages other people continue their hobbies then it is worth it.

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