Got this tagged from Nelly Ho . . .

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1. The who tag/pass you is?
According from the last info, Its from lumis and she got this from kengkaru (sedara mara kenggaru kali ni) then Nell to me

2. Your relationship with him/her is?/
- Friend

3. Your 5 impressions of him/her?
1. A lot of idea
2. Suka mengulu
3. Friendly
4. D luar malu2 kusing tp klu d YM… LANTANG !!
5. Esporting

4. The most memorable thing she/he had done for you?
- Her gift on my birthday

5. The most memorable thing she/he had said to you?
- Cannot recall.. tda yg tertouch my heart

6. If she/he become your lover you will?
- hmm…will be like cat & dog :P

7. If she/he become your lover, thing she/he has to improve on will be?
- dunno

8. If she/he become your enemy, you will?
- no..i hope she wont become my enemy…

9. If she/he become your enemy, the reason will be?
- dunno

10. The most desired thing you want to do for her/him now is?
- to have fun with all her friends

11. Your overall impression of her/him is?
- nice & sweet gal

12. How you think people around you will feel about you?
- I’m not to find out ahh..?

13. The characters you love of yourself are?
- caring & loving… cewwaahh :P

14. On the contrary, the characters you hate of yourself are?
- sometimes lost my confidence

15. The most ideal person you want to be is?
- I’m happy with myself now

16. For people that care and like you, say something to them:
- I love u all !

17. Pass this quiz to 10 persons that you wished to know how they feel about you.
1. Andrik 2. Gidong 3. Kadus Mark 4. Giwie 5. Mamai 6.Tompok 7.Molly 8. Mesh 9. Princess Kathleen 10.Bobi

18. Who is No.6 having relationship with?
- Dunno

19. Is No.9 a male or female?
- Female

20. If No.7 and 10 are together, will it be a good thing?
- Maybe, who knows they might work out something :D

21. What is No.2 studying about?
- Music, I guess

22. When was the last time you had a chat with No.3?
- May..haha..punya lama sda kan mark :P

23. What kind of music band does No.8 like?
- Alternative rock

24. Does No.1 have any siblings?
- Nope

25. will you woo No.3?
- Hmm..funny question.

26. How about No.9?
- She creative

27. Is No.4 single?
- in a relationship ( ngam kan wie )

28. What is the surname of No.5?
- Albertus :D

29. What’s the hobby of No.10?
- Singing

30. Does No.5 and 9 get along well?
- don’t know each other yet

31. Where is No.2 studying at?
- Working at sepanggar

32. Talk something casually about No.1?
- a lot of idea..specially in blogging & tech

33. Have you tried developing feelings for No.6?
- Yes

34. Where does No.9 live at?
- She from Tamparuli

35. What colour does No.4 like?
- Pink kalerr

36. Are No.5 and 1 best friends?
- No yet

37. Is No.7 the sexiest person in the world?
- owhh yess....the sexiest girl

38. What is No.6 doing now?
- sambung laa ni tagged . . .

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