See Through The World: X-ray Photography

A new book of photography has revealed a curious world of intricate beauty and startling forms hidden beneath the surface of everyday objects.

Nick Veasey used a lead-lined studio to create x-ray photographs of a remarkable array of objects, from fruits and flowers to humans, vehicles and buildings.

Hidden beauty: A female foot perched in a towering stiletto-heeled shoe

Among the images are skeletal hands typing over the delicate circuitry of a laptop computer, a woman's foot perched in a towering stiletto-heeled shoe, the bones sharply angled, and an electric chair, wreathed in sinister coils of wire.

One picture in the book, entitled X-Ray: See Through the World Around You, shows a five-storey office block with skeletal people hard at work, typing at desks, reading papers - and trying to fix a photocopier.

Mr Veasey, whose studio is a converted radar station in Kent, passes x-rays through the objects he is photographing to create images on special film, then uses a 13-foot scanner to turn them into a digital file.

In his introduction to the book, Mr Veasey says his aim was to use "Big Brother" technology, designed and used for security and surveillance, to create art.

Death sentence: An electric chair wreathed in sinister coils of wire

"Nothing gives me more pleasure than revealing the inner beauty of a subject," he says.

"The unseen can be seen, the internal elements and workings revealed. The inside becomes the outside."

X-ray vision: Skeletal hands type over the delicate circuitry of a laptop computer
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